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We are a Data Mining Consulting Company that specializes in locating assets for individuals and businesses. These assets have been previously overlooked and are waiting to be claimed by their rightful owners. If you are looking at this website because we mailed a letter to you, then you are one of them. To claim these funds all you must do is request your claim forms, fill them out (along with our contract for our services), have them notarized (if your funds are over $1000) and return them to the holder of these funds. You will also be required to provide documentation that you are entitled to these funds. We will provide a list of appropriate documentation. If you received our letter, you can provide adequate documentation. And, we will be here to assist you through the process. Once your claim packet is completed, mail it with supporting documentation to the holder of these funds. We even provide postage paid envelopes for you to do so. Nothing could be easier.


How Can You Do That?

The law allows us to be paid a finder's fee for locating the owners of these assets. The law also limits this finder's fee to 10% of the assets actually recovered. Additionally, we will be paid directly by the holder of these funds. Our fee will be deducted from what is owed to you, and a check will be mailed directly to us after you have received your money. YOU SEND US NOTHING.


What next?

You probably have a million questions, and that is certainly understandable. But, these are real funds, and they are really yours to claim. Many of your questions will be answered once you get your claim forms. The claim forms will show you precisely what these funds are, and where they came from. It will have the type of assets they are and the dollar amount of each claim. In most cases there are multiple claims, but not to worry, they will all be accounted for in your complete claim form packet. We at Fiscal Oversight Consulting LLC, are eagerly looking forward to reuniting you with your money. Because, sometimes, when something sounds too good to be true, it isn't.

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Note: To have claim forms sent to you, you must be a prospective client of Fiscal Oversight Consulting LLC You will be asked to provide a Claimant ID number that only prospective clients will have. This number is on the contact letter you received, or has been provided by phone or email.

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